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Cover Album Sanna Songbird

Songbird - 2007

1. The Key
2. I knew you all along
3. Real (guitar version)
4. Lost at all
5. Child of wonder
6. Baby
7. Song of Light
8. Real (piano version)

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Vamos Album Cover (Tribute 2003)

Tribute - 2003 (Vamos)

1. Just empty spaces
2. One of my best friends
3. Give up a little more
4. Alone this time
5. I can’t find the words
6. All that I need
7. A dream
8. Thinking of you

‘Tribute’ has limited availability – shoot me an e-mail if you’re interested!

In the late 1970’s, Vamos evolved around Pieter van der Kraan, a young and gifted musician and songwriter. In 1980, Pieter died of leukemia, leaving his friends and band members André Swinkels, Sidney Hill and Joy Catsburg behind, feeling devastated. Some twenty years later, they decided it was time for Pieter’s songs to live again. In 2001 I joined Vamos and we started recording Tribute, thus paying homage to Pieter and his music. I wrote I knew you all along on the Songbird album for Pieter – you can read the incredible story about how Tribute came to be on my blog: Weekly Notes #6 – I knew you all along




Read the story behind Witness on my blog: Weekly Notes #4 – Witness

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Genade cover


In 2007, I participated in Mary Gauthier’s MySpace project Sing Mercy Now, answering her call to musicians worldwide to sing her iconic song Mercy Now in their native language. I translated it into Dutch, and now there is finally a recording you can listen to – exclusively on SoundCloud!

All credits to Mary Gauthier, posted with permission, of course.

Cover Rasas song

Rasa's song

Read the story behind Rasa’s Song on my blog: Weekly Notes #7 – Rasa’s Song

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Cover Rasa Dreams

Rasa Dreams - Lonely Mountain Theme

Read the story behind this song on my blog: Weekly notes #2 – Rasa Dreams/Lonely Mountain Theme.

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Master of Sadness

Read the story behind this song on my blog: Weekly Notes #5 – Master of Sadness.

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