Love, fear, and stubborn faith

I hope he remembers that the sun was shining and the birds were singing, and that we built marble tracks together and played shadow tag in the forest. That there was beauty in the world, despite all the darkness.


The last song…

“They say it’s the last song. They don’t know us, you see – it’s only the last song if we let it be”. Death came one sunny Friday morning in May. We knew to expect it, had known ever since the diagnosis almost a year


Why I don’t love ‘how are you’ (it’s complicated)

You know how it goes. You run into someone you haven’t seen in ages and before you know it, you’ve said it: “Hi!! How are you?” To which the other person usually replies “I’m good! How are you?” and never “Life sucks, I need help”.


Glasses – reflections of my inner teenage self

You might have noticed that I’m wearing glasses these days. Or you might not have noticed at all, which is more likely because who in the world is going around thinking about who is wearing glasses and who isn’t, right? But for me, it’s a


Be still, head! It’s winter!

In this house we try to live with the seasons as much as we can. That is not very hard when you’re living in the forest, because the seasons are always in your face (take that literally in the fall, when you are torpedoed with round after round of acorns and chestnuts falling down. On your head).


I never knew

For my son.

I never knew your hair would smell so sweet
after a long day of playing in the sun
I never knew I’d feel so incomplete
when you’re away, and I am home alone


Studio musings

Eleven years ago, I went into the studio to record an album. I had written just about a handful of songs, was fresher-than-fresh as a songwriter and as green as the first patch of grass in spring – and I had no idea what I wanted, how I wanted it to sound, or who I was for that matter.

Old house, with curtains
Weekly note

Weekly Notes #12 – Curtains

With the holidays behind us, our family has been busy implementing our New Year’s resolutions to make our life as simple as possible in 2018. This requires a lot of letting go – sometimes a sad and painful process and sometimes something to look forward to, but always challenging. Vulnerable. Also exciting.

Horse Sunny
Weekly note

Weekly Notes #11 – Goodbye to Sunny (Something else inside me)

She was my dream horse, practically perfect in every way – the prettiest, the smartest, the best. Afraid of nothing and the personification of calm presence, with the sweetest eyes you’ve ever seen. But because life rarely goes as we expect it to go, and because changing circumstances sometimes call for difficult choices, …

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