I never knew

I never knew

For my son. Turned out to be a ukulele song!

I never knew

I never knew your hair would smell so sweet
after a long day of playing in the sun
I never knew I’d feel so incomplete
when you’re away, and I am home alone

I never knew I’d shed so many tears
for all the different reasons that I do
I never knew that you’d take all my fears
and multiply them easily by two

I never knew that I could be so strong
and brave, because you needed me to be
I never knew that nights could be so long
and dark, so that I’d need my heart to see

I never knew that someone else’s pain
would affect me, like your pain always does
I never knew that everything I’d gain
made up for all the things I thought I’d lost

I never knew that love could be like this
So bittersweet and so achingly deep
I never knew that I would ever kiss
a tractor or a spider or a Jeep!

Before we met, I never knew your name
And though some people told me all the time
I never knew I’d never be the same
that all I ever was ‘d be redefined

If I had a dime or two
For all the things I never knew
I’d be as rich as I ever dreamed I’d be
Except that being rich means something different to me
Well, I’ll just add that to the things I never knew
Until I had you.

© Sanna Songbird


These lyrics were first published in 2015. The picture was taken a year earlier.

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