Weekly Notes #7 – Rasa’s Song

Weekly Notes #7 – Rasa’s Song

Writing was challenging for me these last couple of weeks. Partly because of daily (and not so daily) life that gets in the way and takes up all of me if I’m not mindful, and partly because (watch out, incoming confession) I am not a master of self-discipline. Usually when I start out with something (anything, really) I am very enthusiastic, but often my zeal will dissipate and things get sloppy. Of course, I was aware of this when I first said I would write something every week – and now you are, too. Small point of attention, yes – hence this project. Because they say that being an artist is about 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration (ratios vary depending on whom you ask) (sorry about all these parentheses by the way), it might be a good idea for me to sweat a little, if you know what I mean.

That being said, the song I chose for this week marks the return to my musical creativity when I thought I might have lost it forever (read Note #3 if you’d like to revisit that). In January 2011, I was in Arizona for the first time, doing a workshop at Linda Kohanov’s Eponaquest. The workshop was about intuitive wisdom and creativity and contained many meditative and mystical elements. After a particularly intense shamanic journey themed ‘becoming the horse’ I wrote down Rasa’s Song just like that, under the stars in the Arizona desert. It was the first song I’d written in years. At the time, I meant to compose music to it when I got home, but it stayed the way it was – magical, mystical and pure.

Rasa’s Song

I know who you are, I have seen you before
Round sounds and round eyes and soft face, nothing more
The rhythm of hoofs on pebbles or sand
The black horse’s nose softly touches my hand

Rasa erases and brings back a smile
Watching her walking around for a while
Hopeful, perceptive, a smell in the air
Of hay and of hope, coming from over there

Badaboom, badaboom, go my galloping hoofs
The steed of my pride has got nothing to prove
Proof is for humans, so says the black horse
And doesn’t look back, maintaining her course

Evening is falling and so are the stars
Like pearls on her skin they will shine from afar
To keep you from harm and to show you the way
Watching your step, every night, every day

Melody wavering, promising sound
Coming and going like wisdom profound
Swells with the river and eases with grace
Leaving a tear on the black horse’s face
Vanishing slowly and without a trace
But leaving a tear on the black horse’s face

© 2011, Sanna Songbird

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